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Faeryn is married, and very happy about it.

The service was lovely, the bride beautiful in a gown she made herself, and the groom seemed happy.

My head hurts too much to put many details into words right now, and I suspect I'll not get around to doing a proper report.

One of her friends was very very kind to me as I cried my way through the ceremony. Talk of forever is so hard to hear. I wanted to scream out that forever just doesn't happen, but I didn't.

Only had to disappear from the reception once, when a song was too hard to listen to,

His mother is not very nice. Met her for the first time today, and I hope it's the last for a while.

His father IS nice, and stayed to help with clean-up, as did my parents (thank goodness!).

I have no pictures because my camera malfunctioned. Hopefully her father will share though.

Steve was kind, and when asked "Who gives this bride", actually gestured to me and said "Her mother and I".

After everyone was gone, I took the last pink heart mylar balloon and wrote a note on it, walked out onto the pier, and sent it up, watching until I couldn't see it any more. This greatly confused one of the children fishing off the other end of the pier.

I have a really wicked headache - probably from lack of proper food and from all the crying I've done. Going to try and remedy at least part of that now.
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