Greg's car broke down this morning. Actually, it overheated last night on my way home, but since I got home with the car running, I figured I'd let it cool down then drive it to the shop in the morning after checking all fluids.

Unfortunately the car wouldn't start this morning. I got a ride to work from a friend and Faeryn came back to the house with her kids (the pair she babysits) and got the car towed to the shop. As of 5pm they hadn't looked at it and the mechanic who works on it had gone home for the day.

Odds are it isn't a big deal, maybe expensive, but that can be dealt with. Logically, I know I'll be able to drive the car again, and soon. My brain and my heart aren't communicating well, though, because I'm terrified that I'm going to somehow lose this car, one of the few things I have of Greg's. I can sit in the car sometimes and close my eyes and almost feel him there.

I won't hear until sometime Monday what is wrong with the car. I've got to work from 10 am until 8pm at the bookstore tomorrow. Faeryn will take me in in the morning, I haven't figured out how I'm getting home yet - probably a cab. Faeryn is working in the evening. Sunday she'll take me to work from 11 until 7, and will be able to bring me home. We'll have to go to work extra early on Monday so she can drop me off at work in the morning before she goes to work at 7:30. I'm trying very hard to concentrate on the difficulties of only having one car rather than the fear of not getting the car back.

I wish my logic would make me feel better.



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