Emo and I often have "discussions" about who is going to get to make use of the snuggly pale blue dressing gown that Marci gave me. It is cuddly and extra soft, and matches the nightie that also came from Marci. I've learned to deal with that. Now, this Christmas, I received a large snuggly teal robe from Scott and Carol, which is equally soft. I thought I couldn't help but win! If Emo stakes claim to one, I've got the other available to me.

Emo still claimed the dressing gown today, which was ok, because I actually wanted the longer robe today for curling up in on the couch.

Snuggles has decided he gets the belt from the teal robe. He chased me all the way down the hall grabbing at the belt this evening.

Now I'm in bed under the covers, Snuggles is trying to figure out where I hid the belt for the teal robe, and Emo refuses to give up the dressing gown.

I love my cats.
Faeryn called me at 1am last night to tell me she either wasn't coming home or was going to be very late. She told me she might be spending the night at her Aunts. She tells me this quite often. I admit, I wonder. I really hope she isn't doing anything foolish.

This morning I woke with a horrible headache after not having slept particularly well. I should get up and go do things, including going to the bead store to get beading wire, but I don't think that is going to happen. I'm going to lie down a bit more if the cats will let me and hope the ibuprofen will kick in. The headache really needs to calm down a bit before I drive anywhere. At least I don't have to be at work until noon.

I really need to get screens repaired or replaced on the windows in this house so I can open windows when it is lovely and cool out like it is right now. Besides, the cats would love it.

Going back to bed now.
Usually I have to fight for my space on the bed, or lie diagonally or in odd shapes to be allowed to sleep because there are cats where my feet should be, or a cat on my pillow.

Tonight, of course, when I desperately need the comfort of a cat so I feel a little less alone, neither cat will come into my bedroom. I've gone and hunted them out twice now, but everytime I head back to my room, they go to Faeryn.

Wait - Snuggles has decided to make a liar out of me and come to bed after all. Of course, he wants my pillow.

Good night.
I have a birdfeeder in my bedroom window. This window is two stories above the ground and until now I've just had birds in it as the walls of the house are a bit hard to scale. Today, however, there is a squirrel who has managed to get into the feeder, who is taunting Snuggles. Snuggles is absolutely frantic about trying to get the creature. This has made for early morning awakening on my part as they've been going at it for a couple of hours now, but it is really amusing.
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We dropped Emo off at the vet this morning, and the poor baby wasn't seen until about 5pm. The limp seems to have been caused by detergent from the spill in the laundry room (which is where the cats' litter boxes were). Apparently he got some on one paw and it was irritating the pad. They cleaned the pad and we are to make sure the cats stay out of the laundry area until all detergent is cleared up (not at all sure how we are going to manage that; the stuff just spreads with the addition of water). Faeryn was kind enough to take him to the vet and to pick him up, but they were so late seeing him that she had to bring him to me at the book store rather than take him home, because she had to babysit.

Unfortunately, it appears that the heart murmur that Emo had when we first got him has gotten significantly worse. The doctor wants me to take him back in in two weeks for another visit and an ultrasound and echocardiogram. My sister-in-law has suggested that perhaps Emo ingested detergent when cleaning his paws and that is what has worsened things and maybe they will be better in two weeks. I am trying not to panic.

Poor Emo did pretty well at the bookstore. I let him out of his carrier, because it was too tiny for him to stay in for 2 hours, and he wandered the store. One customer was terrified of cats so I locked him in the back room. He stayed in the back room off and on between 6 and 8pm when we finally got home. The poor love had done very well holding his bladder at the store, but didn't quite make it all the way home. He had an "accident" in the carrier and came out a very soggy, icky kitty. I gave him a bath, which didn't make him any happier, but he is almost completely dry now (he'd only put up with the towel for so long) and is on the end of my bed bathing himself.

Now I'm not feeling well, not sure if it is stress, the weather or what. My headache has gotten worse and I'm nauseated, but I'm trying to drink something and will be going to bed shortly, at least I plan to :)
I wore bright blue today, and it felt odd. I'm still much more comfortable with my darker colors, though I know Greg would approve of the dress and my reason for wearing it.

Weird people in the store today. And it was pretty busy too, with lots and lots of new books coming in.

Mr. Emo seems to have injured himself at some point today. He was not limping Faeryn saw him earlier, but when we got home he was definitely limping, though not in enough pain to keep him from climbing the cat tree. We are wondering if he dislocated his arm - his shoulders are rather uneven. Since he does not seem in pain for the most part (he isn't crying, isn't complaining at all about walking though he limps when he walks and can't seem to comfortably step down on that paw yet he can run without a limp) we decided against going to the emergency vet tonight, but will call our current vet first thing in the morning and see how quickly we can get him in. I have to work the transit job in the morning, but can make some time in the afternoon before I have to go to the bookstore.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. I'm going to try to go to sleep soon.

Edit: Called the vet this morning, and we have to drop Emo off and let the vet see him when he can, or wait until Friday, which I'm not willing to do (or I can pay an extra $75 and have him seen as an emergency, but I think he will be ok if we just drop him off). Now off to work!
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After waking me up and making sure I cannot go back to sleep easily, Snuggles rolled right off the bed.

He has now climbed back on the bed and is sulking as if it was my fault.
I am so damned tired that I'm nauseated. Between Faeryn not coming home (again) until around 3am, the cats getting ancy starting at 4:30 and not being willing to give me peace for more than 15 minutes, I'm about to collapse. I've tried lying down for a nap every time they get quiet and settle somewhere, but within 15 minutes, one or the other is crawling on me, trying to chew my hair, or yowling for one reason or another or fighting. Locking them out of my room resulted in escalated yowling.

I've made a list of things I need from the store and am going to try to get them, then I will come back home and sleep in my car or in the basement; the car will be quieter.

I am not at all sure how much longer I can do this before my body simply gives out. I need to find out if I can buy this house so I can send the cats down to the basement to give me a break.

I'm so tired.


Apr. 28th, 2008 08:04 am
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I would give a small fortune to be allowed to sleep when I've got a bad headache, without having to resort to drugs that make me so groggy the next day that I'm only marginally functional, but which at least let me sleep through the 4am-8am yowling, fighting, hair chewing, and cover scratching that occurs every blasted morning.

I'm seriously considering sleeping on the couch in the basement tonight so I have some small chance of getting some rest, I';ve always slept best between 5am and 7am and I am no longer allowed to sleep undisturbed during that time.

I think I am going to have to get a house with a basement, just so I have some place to put the cats at night/early morning.
I had thought my days of showering with a guy were over. Apparently not...

Emo, our little tuxedo cat, had walked through the shower while I was washing my hair, about a week ago, but hasn't done so again since, so I figured he'd realized that getting wet isn't so much fun for a cat.

Today he discovered that if he walks the tub ledge between the shower curtain and the clear curtain liner, he can watch me without getting wet himself, and can even nuzzle me through the curtain safely. Snugs, on the other hand, decided it might be fun to bat at Emo from the far side of the tub through the shower curtain. I was rather afraid he was going to push Emo off into the tub after all!

I guess it is nice to know that I still have a guy in my life who finds the thought of me in the shower irresistible.



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