Ok, state of the list:

Deal with litter box.
Finish prom necklace.
Make gift earrings.
Sweep up cruft from living room floor
Gather one bag of trash (at least) from F's old room since I have no clue if/when she'll work more on it.
Strip my bed and put on clean sheets.
Deal with the cruft on the floor at the foot of my bed.
Clear and move the TV stand from my bedroom to the spare room (and clear, one way or another), enough room for it there.
Get baggies and freeze chocolate almond macaroons in small batches in the freezer.

Done in addition to list:
Sorted massive amount of laundry into what is Faeryn's and what is mine. She'll have to lug her own downstairs.
Finished one more load of laundry and in the process of finishing sheets for the bed.
Purchased and installed a retractable clothesline on the screened porch.
Hung mattress pad out on the clothesline - far too large to put in my washer, but at least needed airing. Will have to figure out how/where to wash it.
Purchased lovely lace and sheer curtain (for just $2.50! :)) and hung in spare room.
Arranged things so the cats can access the back porch through a window instead of having to keep the back door open. Curtain covers the window to limit air flow.
Put up new birdfeeder pole, still need to fill suet feeders, replace finch feeders and figure out how to repair the wooden feeder that the squirrels broke, if possible.
Went to bookstore to drop something off and helped for about 20 minutes, helping someone discover some new sci-fi authors (including Tanya Huff and S.M. Stirling :)).
Pulled together some photos for digital frame
I think I need food. McDonald's wrap doesn't count. Now to find the energy to cook something. I forgot to put food in the crockpot this morning. Will try that again tomorrow.

Very very tired now.



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