It is kind of nice listening to my children and Lee playing video games in Faeryn's apartment. Kind of hard too - I want to join them, but it's her space, and I've made it clear that I don't go down there uninvited. I try very hard to give her the respect and distance I would give any other paying customer. Makes it much lonelier, though.
It has been a long but not awful day, I guess.

46 years ago today, my husband Greg, the love of my life and my best friend, was born. I miss him horribly.

I did my falling apart early when I woke up at 4am after only a couple of hours of sleep, then cried myself back to sleep and into a nasty headache. I managed to get my act together, though, and be mostly upbeat when Faeryn left for the morning. Carol called and talked to me a bit, then Kathy came around 11:30 to hang out for a bit. My mother dropped her off with some very welcome chocolate cake and spicy peanuts. Dr. W, my therapist, called to check on me and see how I was surviving the day. Faeryn came home after her morning of babysitting and her boyfriend, Lee, came over for an hour as well. I got to talk to Kathy about Greg, reliving our first in person meeting and our first kiss. We looked at some stuff online, and I made appointments for an electrician to come give me estimates on some things I need done in the next few months. Kathy and I played some of the best Rummy I've played in years. At 6, Garrett came to get Kathy and by 7pm I was on my own again.

The house is quiet now and I am settled down for the evening with the cats. Snugs is passed out beside me, and Emo is gazing out the window, hoping his Faeryn will come home. Bed for me, soon, I think.

I wish I could sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time and that I'd stop waking up looking for him.

Emo has decided to come and curl up on me for a while and wants me to stop typing and put away the netbook.

Goodnight all.
Cheating again...

Since I promised an explanation about what happened with Garrett yesterday, but I'm too tired to think straight, I'm just pasting an excerpt from an email I sent to family about it:

Last night, after I finally got home and was getting ready for bed, around 10, Garrett called.  Long story made short is, Kathy's cousin Tyler stole her wallet (with house key) out of her van when they were giving him a ride to a friend's house.  When called on it, he denied the charge, though he was the only person in the van and it was there when he got in, and not when they got home.  I encouraged (insisted) that they call the police.  Faeryn came home as I was heading to Garrett's, and we went together to first get a new doorknob/lock for the door, then on to Garrett's.  Faeryn went with Kathy to the police station (and waited for what seemed like forever) to report the theft.  Garrett and I replaced the doorknob, then talked to Tyler off and on on the phone, trying to convince him to return the wallet before the police got involved.  (Tyler is about 15, by the way).  Garrett was livid and ready to go beat the tar out of Tyler, especially after Tyler started cursing at me on the phone.  I managed to convince Tyler that calling back anymore would be a bad idea (it seemed to work, he stopped calling).  Faeryn knew the police officer that took Kathy's statement, which helped a great deal.  Then they came back to the house, and Faeryn and I went home, wrote quick emails and went to bed.  Tyler called this morning, having "found the wallet in the driveway" where he was dropped off.  Kathy has gone to his house to go pick it up, Garrett wisely stayed at home, knowing he couldn't trust himself to keep his temper.  Unfortunately for Tyler, things have already gone too far, and in spite of his returning the wallet there will be an intake hearing and charges will be pressed, though Kathy can opt to ask for leniency should she choose to do so (she isn't leaning that way right now). 

goodnight all.  I'm collapsing now
My son just spent a couple of hours hanging out with me and just talking. Greg couldn't have given me a better gift to help me make it through the evening. He'd have been pleased. Garrett may even go to Balticon with me. I need to figure out if they do 1 day passes, especially since the hotel seems to be sold out. I just want a few hugs.

Got a call from a friend earlier, just to check on me, and that was lovely. I don't remember what we talked about, I was too tired, but I remember we talked and it was good.

I'm going to seal The Box in a couple of minutes, so I hope I've got everything in it that needs to go.

I miss Greg terribly, but I feel less lonely tonight. I'm going to turn on Grease and work on the living room a bit, then move a shelf into my room (which is very full at the moment because I really haven't figured out what goes where and I need to do so asap). I'd have asked Garrett to help me, but he already came and set up my mailbox (I really need to go get numbers for it *sigh*, but I am SO tired) and I don't want him to get the idea I only want him here for what he can do for me. Now I also have a dolly to help me move furniture, which will be a very big help. Then hopefully the cats will settle down for a couple of hours, and I'll be able to sleep while they do.
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