This afternoon I ended up leaving work early because a bit after 4:00 my right eye decided it didn't like being open any more and developed a distinct, annoying droop. I came home to get migraine meds before going to the Book Room, in hopes that would help (it didn't), and found a box on my front porch.

Grouchy and disconcerted from my eye issues, I almost didn't open the package right away thinking it was from Woot or eBay, but didn't recognize the return address (someone didn't put a name on it - sneaky!), so I opened it as I was searching for migraine meds.

A pink bunny appeared. Soft and cuddly! With him is the coolest tea-themed wind chime and some lemon grass tea, and a card. Thank you, Amanda, for the most delightful and well-timed surprise, which really brightened my day! The wind chime is absolutely wonderful! When you'd talked about making chimes out of utensils, I never imagined they'd be this cute.

The wind chime is hanging up, the bunny is on my bed (until Snuggles discovers him and pushes him off, like he does everything else) and I'm taking the tea to work tomorrow to try.

Hopefully in the morning my eye will be back to normal. If not, I'm going to go see the doctor. I suspect it is probably migraine related, but since I've never had this happen before, I'll check it out if it doesn't go away overnight.


Mar. 18th, 2008 07:41 pm
Just a quick note before I fall over.

We've received some wonderful packages in the last few days. One was a box of Jim Shore mini angels, one for each season, which are absolutely gorgeous - thank you, [ profile] flabosib! Then were two boxes from a lovely group of people in IL (I have no idea if any have LJs), that had canned goods, very nice soft towels and washcloths, and lots of crayons (yay!) and Soduko. Today I went by the post office and picked up yet another package, this time from three lovely Canadian ladies (I am sure you can't guess who) with cross-stitch art, a painting with easel and rug, some really cool "braids" (now, of course, I want to do that!), pretty yarn, chocolate and Soduko, and maple tea. I feel thoroughly spoiled and loved.

Thank you to all of you!



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