Aug. 2nd, 2008 05:38 pm
Now that we own the house, it is time to get proper storage for books. We've got one bookshelf in the living room, 2 in my bedroom, and that's it. There are some built-in shelves downstairs, but more of a display-stuff size than gook-shelf size.

Does anyone have suggestions for a good place to get not-too deep, not-too expensive shelves? I can find reasonably priced press-board shelves that are 12-inches deep, but really we want something that is just deep enough for a single hardback, or even paperback-deep (not more than 8 inches deep, 5 or 6 preferable, I guess). Any ideas? I'm really not up to building my own shelves, Faeryn and I aren't quite that handy, nor do we own any of the appropriate tools at the moment, and I am not sure where we'd find the time.

I know all of my friends are happy for me that I have managed to buy a new house, and I don't have to go back to the townhouse, but it's really not a good thing. It means I'm having to go on without Greg and I'm finding it hard every time someone congratulates me, so please be glad that I'm getting somewhere, but don't congratulate me. This isn't a good thing.

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I feel so very relieved. My parents have agreed to sell me the house I am living in, and they've agreed to a price I can afford. I didn't think this was actually going to happen, but I will have a home now. I need to get this settled very quickly before the estate is settled, but I can do that.

I have a place to settle. I can't begin to say how grateful and how much better I feel. I have a place to put roots. A place that will belong to me and will allow me to hang pictures and put up shelves and just generally make mine.

Now I can sleep, I think. I feel so very relieved.

(How much of this do you think Greg and Lois pulled off?)



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