Mar. 6th, 2011 10:23 pm
thekyttn: (Caeden)
Many of you know that my son's girlfriend was expecting a baby, and some know about my concerns about paternity. Kathy gave birth on Saturday (had an emergency c-section actually; both she and baby are fine), and we're all accepting that Caeden is Garrett's son. Ok, I still have my doubts, but since Garrett is accepting the baby as his, unless they choose to do DNA testing and get a different answer, Caeden is my grandson. Good thing too, because that little boy has me entirely wrapped around his fingers already. I know life just got a great deal more complicated, but I suspect he's going to make it worth it.

Tonight I printed out wallet-size copies of some of the pictures I've taken of Caeden with my digital phone. I put out a set for Scott and Carol and Faeryn, and am giving a batch to Garrett and Kathy to give away as they choose. I also put aside a set for myself and for Greg. It was a full 10 minutes after I'd cut the pictures before I realized what I'd done.

This little boy and the pleasure he gives me is so very bittersweet. When things went downhill in the delivery room on Saturday morning, and they rushed Kathy away for an emergency C-section, I immediately spoke to Greg and begged him to be with Caeden and Kathy and to do what he could to look out for our little boy. That evening when I finally got to hold Caeden (his name is going to be Caeden Garrett Corbin on the birth certificate), I told him a lot about his Opa Greg (I'm going to be Oma) who will be watching over him. I intend for him to grow up seeing pictures of Greg and knowing who he is.

It's been a long weekend, and I'm desperate for some downtime and sleep. Not sure when that will happen. Tomorrow I'm not going to see Caeden as they are going home from the hospital, and by the time I get done with work then therapy, it will be almost 8pm and I figure they will need the peace and quiet. Garrett gently suggested to me today that perhaps I wouldn't mind not coming by at lunch as they will have just gotten home and will be exhausted. It's going to be hard not to go by every day, though I know I can't do that.

Anyway, I have a beautiful grandson who I am going to have to work hard to keep from spoiling, and who is already showing signs of stubborness and temper. I expect I'm going to be getting some revenge on Garrett very early for some of the gray hairs he's given me!
Thank you to everyone who gave me information about grandmother names. I am probably going to be trying for Grammy, though I will ask Faeryn if she had had a thought/suggestion. I rather like Mommom, but it is too close to Mom to be comfortable for Faeryn, I suspect.



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