Trying to distract myself from the headache from hell, without success. I held off too long on calling my parents to come take me to the ER (I really don't want to wake them unless it is a real emergency), and vicodin, compazine and benadryl haven't had much effect yet. I'm trying to find coverage for the store for tomorrow - may have to ask Faeryn, though I know she really wants to go to church. It is snowing outside, and I can't even take pleasure in the beauty of the snow, which irritates me beyond belief. Maybe we'll have enough snow by morning that I won't have to go in? *sigh* yeah, right.

Head hurts too much for TV or audio book, but I need something to distract me from the pain. Have tried LJ, but can't concentrate enough to read much because it hurts too much.

Going to try to lie down again and see if I can find something to listen to that doesn't aggravate the pain. Haven't had a headache this bad in a long time.
Faeryn called me at 1am last night to tell me she either wasn't coming home or was going to be very late. She told me she might be spending the night at her Aunts. She tells me this quite often. I admit, I wonder. I really hope she isn't doing anything foolish.

This morning I woke with a horrible headache after not having slept particularly well. I should get up and go do things, including going to the bead store to get beading wire, but I don't think that is going to happen. I'm going to lie down a bit more if the cats will let me and hope the ibuprofen will kick in. The headache really needs to calm down a bit before I drive anywhere. At least I don't have to be at work until noon.

I really need to get screens repaired or replaced on the windows in this house so I can open windows when it is lovely and cool out like it is right now. Besides, the cats would love it.

Going back to bed now.



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