The day has ended much better than it started. The house is warm because the plumber was adamant that I need to keep it warmer to prevent freezing pipes again given that tonight is going to be even colder than last night. I've seen the new bed, and I really really like it. It is just what I need to protect the things I need/want to have around me from the cats. The headboard is a little like the one Greg and I had, but not too much like it. There are lights built into the headboard, and drawers and cupboards, places to keep Greg's things close, but not where the cats can knock them down.

I've re-arranged my room, again, in anticipation of the bed. I moved all three of the bookshelves in the room by myself as well as the small TV stand, which will go into the basement tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I'll strip down the bed and see if I can start taking apart the bedframe. I may need to wait for Faeryn's friends to do that, but I'll try.

Faeryn and a few of her friends are hanging out in the basement, watching a movie, and supposedly preparing for tomorrow's party. I think they are busy dipping into the alcohol ahead of time *sigh*, but at least they are staying put tonight.

I thrilled to find my ipod while I was cleaning. Now I need to figure out how to download the contents and upload some new things.

Snuggles is cuddled beside me and Emo has gone downstairs to visit with the kids, and I can sleep in tomorrow, am even encouraged to because the kids will be sleeping in downstairs. Other than getting my bed into place, there isn't a whole lot I need to do tomorrow. Well, there is housecleaning and laundry to be done, as always, but I'm actually going to take a little time for myself and organize my beading supplies (I hadn't realized before tonight quite how much I have!) and read a little.

It has been a long day. Definitely time for sleep now.
We seem to have found a new vehicle. The auto place had just received a Ford Windstar (I think windstar, not aerostar) in trade, which was more in our price range (under 3K) and in good shape. It has to be checked over and detailed, but I think it will work well for us.

We didn't end up going to see the play after all. I was able to get Faeryn an emergency dental appointment at a dentist in Culpeper (about an hour away) yesterday afternoon, and by the time she was done, neither of us was up to it. My head got really bad, and she had a root canal, so she was pretty uncomfortable. She's better this morning, though a bit achy. She has to go back in 2 weeks, have another root canal and we'll go from there. I paid for the first root canal with cash I'd pulled out of the bank to have on hand in case of finding a car today, but will have to set up payment plans for the rest of her dental work. I'll be putting a few plans on hold for a little while. Thank goodness for the emergency money my MiL had given me in January. That is what is paid for the car and the tooth. The one other major expenditure I HAVE to make in the near future is paying to have the basement appliances (stove and refrigerator) transferred to and set up in the townhouse and then a new dishwasher for the townhouse. The one for here will wait a bit, probably until the townhouse is rented out.

Now to get my act together and get to work again.

I'm very tired of the 7 day work week already.
What a day it has been. (excerpts from my email to Mom McM):

Tonight wasn't as bad as it might have been, but it was hard. Both my children and a friend from work came with me to do a walk-through of the townhouse. We found a number of things that needed to be repaired, but nothing that can't be done relatively quickly. The contractor says he can have things done by next Friday and I've asked for the 15th as a very firm final date (he has a tendency to say he can do something in a time frame, then it takes a day or two more).

My father surprised me today by calling me at work and inviting the children and me to dinner with the family (him, Mom and my Aunt and Uncle) at the Outback. He wanted to know the earliest I could be available, and I told him between 7 and 7:30 (it was just after 7:30 when I joined them) after the walk through of the townhouse. I was afraid that I'd not cope well after the walk through, but wasn't going to argue since I was grateful that they were willing to change the venue. Timing wasn't as bad as I thought, the distraction helped, a good dinner was lovely, and it was good to see my Aunt and Uncle again. I made it through the meal without a problem, but when we left, and I thanked my parents for having changed the venue, I fell apart. I told my Mom that I hadn't even been able to go to the Indian grocery, that I'd made it a few steps in and then had to leave. I think they actually understand and believe me now that I'm not just being difficult, but that some things are just too hard to do without Greg.

Tomorrow I go in the morning and get a nice large check from the bank, and will hopefully be closing around 10 am. Tomorrow is a long day; I go to the City at 7, leave at 9 to go to the bank, then to the attorney's office at 10. Then back to the City until 5, home for a quick dinner, then to the Book Room from 6 until 8. Saturday I work 10-8 (long day!) and Sunday 11-6. I should sleep well Sunday night!.

My mother-in-law told me she expected I've have problems with headaches/stress whenever I face a "new milestone as a single rather than as a married". This is what I told her, and I am afraid it comes on too strong, but boy did her words touch a nerve:

I can't and won't think of myself as a single. I may have to live the rest of my life without Greg at my side, but I am still his wife. He still has my heart and I still think of him as my husband. It hurts so very much to be apart from him, and I know that you are right, and every major milestone I reach without him here is going to hurt. I just keep hoping that eventually I'll get used to the pain and be able to cope with it better, or the edges will dull a little and it will hurt just a little less.

Now I am off to bed. I'm tired, my head hurts, tomorrow will be a very long day. At least two hard-to-deal-with things are done for this week, and I only have one major thing left to do tomorrow.
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So, today went from bad to worse, to a little less horrid, to worse to being utterly exhausted. Long and rambly whinging behind the cut. )
signed the papers for my loan today to lock in the interest rate. Now I have to wait on a survey and appraisal.

It feels so very wrong to be doing this without him. If he was here, life would be good - good job, decent place to live, sweet (most of the time) cats. I see my son more often than before, and he's trying to get his life straight. My daughter has a decent job and is going back to school.

I still feel so lost.
To make things easier, I'm just going to paste the main text of the email update I sent to family a few minutes ago, then I'm going to go fall down.

Hi all

Just a quick update as I'm incredibly tired.

Garrett is fine, but was in a car accident this evening. His Volvo was totaled. Someone pulled in front of him and locked their brakes before they'd even gotten all the way into the lane. They were charged with reckless driving, but their car is fine. His bumper slid underneath theirs and the driver's side headlight and the grill were smashed and the hood buckled. He called me to come and help, and was cursing a blue streak. I went and was grateful to find that the police were there and he was staying in his car even though he was itching to get into a fight with the driver of the other car. My parent showed up (Garrett must have called them) and I was rather grateful because I was admittedly not sure how to deal with Garrett's temper. When he gets that way, he reminds me far too much of his father and I get scared. We've had the car towed to the Glitter House and Garrett is borrowing my parents' van until I can get keys and a battery for the Honda.

Later, after he borrowed the van and was on the way back home, poor Garrett ran out of gas (I heard this from Faeryn). He didn't call me actually, he called her at that point to see if she could come help him get home/to a gas station. Kathy's aunt actually came by and they managed to get home, get gasoline and get the van back. What a rough day for the kids! They also got to clean up after a kitten - Gopher managed to trap herself under a laundry basket and couldn't get out to get to the litter box.

After the kids left here (Garrett rode here with the tow truck driver, my parents brought Kathy), I got the mail. My evening got topped off by a letter from legal aid representing my former neighbors who are requesting that I pay for their expenses since the fire (some damaged furniture/electronics, storage fees for the undamaged goods, gas expenses). They were renting the unit next door but did not have renters' insurance. My insurance has already refused payment. I'm trying not to panic over this, though admittedly I'm very close to the end of my rope at this point. With the purchase of the house, until the townhouse is rented, finances are tight enough that I don't have 3,000 to spare. I could, admittedly, choose to pay them rather than make some of the improvements to the house that I'd budgeted for, but I don't think I should have to since it isn't my fault that they did not have rental insurance. I'll contact my lawyer on Monday and we'll go from there, I guess.

Now I am going, hopefully, to go to bed. I've been trying to sleep for a bit, but in spite of taking a bit of a sedative, I can't relax enough to sleep.
There are at least 3 red spiders in my room. All currently on the ceiling or the crown molding at the top of the wall.

I'm trying very hard to remain rational about this, but I think I am going to sleep on the couch tonight; I havent seen any spiders in there yet.

How does one get rid of these horrible creatures??
My son just spent a couple of hours hanging out with me and just talking. Greg couldn't have given me a better gift to help me make it through the evening. He'd have been pleased. Garrett may even go to Balticon with me. I need to figure out if they do 1 day passes, especially since the hotel seems to be sold out. I just want a few hugs.

Got a call from a friend earlier, just to check on me, and that was lovely. I don't remember what we talked about, I was too tired, but I remember we talked and it was good.

I'm going to seal The Box in a couple of minutes, so I hope I've got everything in it that needs to go.

I miss Greg terribly, but I feel less lonely tonight. I'm going to turn on Grease and work on the living room a bit, then move a shelf into my room (which is very full at the moment because I really haven't figured out what goes where and I need to do so asap). I'd have asked Garrett to help me, but he already came and set up my mailbox (I really need to go get numbers for it *sigh*, but I am SO tired) and I don't want him to get the idea I only want him here for what he can do for me. Now I also have a dolly to help me move furniture, which will be a very big help. Then hopefully the cats will settle down for a couple of hours, and I'll be able to sleep while they do.
Walked about a mile this evening with my friend, T, in spite of a raging headache. Had to borrow Faeryn's tennis shoes to do so, but tomorrow I'm going to the place where Greg got his shoes and asking them about walking shoes. They've been asking what they can do to help us, so I'm kind of hoping for a nice discount!My box of things to go to Boston keeps growing. I hope I get it sealed tomorrow so I avoid the temptation to put more in. The only sad part is I don't get to see faces when the box is opened *pout*. I don't think my niece is going to react much beyond the books included, but I think her Mom will get a kick out of the clothes, and I'd love to see her reaction. Actually, [ profile] flabosib, if I can be on the phone with you while you go through the package, that would be super cool.

I've got a huge stack of cross-stitch books that I'm hoping to sell - I really really wanted a couple of patterns in the stack and had to buy the whole stack just to get a few, which is very frustrating. Now I just have to figure out how best to do so. They don't seem to sell well at all on eBay (as in no bids even on books marked at .25 plus actual shipping) and I'm hoping to get 25-50 cents per book for most of them. Any suggestions?

Balticon is coming up rapidly. I need to determine how much time, if any, I'm going to spend up there. I really want to see a few people, but past experience tells me I get easily overwhelmed by the massive numbers of people who attend this con. I may just drive up for 1 day, or just an evening. Is anyone reading this likely to be around on Friday evening and up for dinner?

It is time to do a little more laundry, repack my box (the current box is now too small) and see if I can coax the cats into sleep soon. Oh, and I have to let my landlords (my parents) know that the dishwasher is leaking very badly, as in pouring water onto the floor. Maybe that is one more thing I can use to get them to knock the price down a little (every little bit helps!).
I'm not coping this morning.

Cut because this got very very long. )
I slept most of today, then because the choice was today or next week, I met my realtor and went and looked at 8 houses )



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