Now that my headache is more firmly under control, I'm awake and not able to sleep. So, I'm spending a bit of time trying to figure out the best replacement laptop for my money, and since I know next to nothing about computers, I'm looking for help/advice/input from my geeky friends and family.

I used to have a Compaq Presario V6000. It has died, and while data from the hard drive is salvageable, the computer itself isn't. So, I ordered this computer: from TigerDirect. A nice enough machine, though it did turn out to be a bit more cumbersome somehow than I expected. I really love having a keypad on the side, though it isn't absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, the CD/DVD drive didn't work consistently. It wouldn't read disks most of the time, and I could only open it using the little eject pin-hole. So, I have returned it. The price was about perfect, though I could go a little bit higher if necessary. I like having a web-cam because eventually I want to be able to have long-distance dinners with friends or family via webcam. That said, I'm not willing to pay a great deal extra for it, and given a choice, I'd opt for the keypad rather than the webcam. I don't want huge screen - 17 inches is unwieldy. I am currently using a 10 inch netbook, which is adequate, if a little tight for typing, and it is an EEE PC, so is linux based (I believe) and has no hard drive. It also has a teeeny screen which means that sometimes when my head is very bad, I can't seem to read screen.

I've tried shopping around, but really I don't know what I'm looking at other than screen size and some of the extras like webcams and DVD vs CD drives (I do want at least a CD writer, Greg would have insisted we go with a DVD writer, so I keep that in mind).

Anyone bored and interested in helping me find a new laptop? I'd be very grateful for the help!

And now that typing/reading on the itty bitty netbook is bugging my eyes/head again, I guess I'll go and check if it is snowing yet, then curl up with the cats.



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