*sigh* the problem with drinking tea before bed is the need to get up repeatedly. And the coughing, which had eased for a while, has started again.

I would give so much to be able to stay home tomorrow. It would be a very bad idea, though, because I took time off last Friday, and there is still lots and lots to do this week.

So tired of coughing.

Bed again now.
Well, I didn't make it to the knitting group tonight either. This time Faeryn's car needed to be picked up, and she was babysitting until about 7, at which time the group started. I was having major coughing issues from the minute I stepped into the cold air, but at least made it back home before the emesis started, though just barely.

I realize I don't have a single warm cozy nightie. I went to get one to snuggle into, without thinking, and was momentarily surprised to find not a one of my favorite snuggly nighties or my robe available. If I feel well enough tomorrow, I'm hoping I can find one at Walmart.

My stomach has settled now, I'm about to have some hot tea, put on the CD with Greg singing, and curl up in bed. And hope the coughing doesn't start again anytime soon.


Aug. 4th, 2008 06:21 am
I've been up for the last 2.5 hours with GI distress (you don't want the details). I've emailed my boss at the City and took a phenergan tablet for the nausea a few minutes ago. Hopefully it will kick in soon. I'll be asking someone to make a run to the store for PeptoBismol after they wake up (I'm lucky enough to have Carol and the boys visiting, though I'm not sure how lucky they are to be down here just now).


Back to the throne room again.
It is going to be a long day - I woke up about 20 minutes ago with a nasty headache, and drenched in sweat. I've taken a couple of ibuprofen, changed sheets, and am going back to bed for a few hours. My stomach is acting up again too, which is very annoying.

At least I see Faeryn for a few minutes this evening before she heads off to F's house to spend the night then take him for an MRI in the morning. I suspect tomorrow will be another early night.
When I don't have the energy to read, I know I am sick. Going to the MD at 2pm and praying I can get my shift covered tonight at the bookstore.


Apr. 8th, 2008 08:41 pm
Still feeling icky and very very tired, but also hungry. Given that my last real meal that stayed in place was on Monday morning, at 10am, I am not all that surprised. I've kept down some tea without any issue, so I think a little chicken broth is in order. I'd make toast, but I have no bread. I'm out of apple sauce and have no rice or bananas or potatoes, and I am not up to going back out to the store. By the time I got back from picking up Faeryn, I was totally wiped out. I had at least had a chance to rest for an hour or so in the car before I picked her up, or I probably wouldn't have made it home. I've arranged for someone to cover my a.m. shift at the bookstore and will hopefully be back to a reasonable state by 4pm when I have to go in from 4-7:30.



I forgot I was in the middle of this post, dozed off, went and had a little chicken broth and regretted it. Back to sips of flavored water for me!

now if my head would calm down enough so I could sleep, and if the cats would agree that it is bedtime, I'd be in reasonable shape.


Apr. 7th, 2008 08:04 pm
thekyttn: (lonely/scared/worried/sad/tiny)
Nausea, vomiting, fever and chills. Two cats who don't understand why I'm crouching over the commode and who keep trying to see just exactly what I am doing. *sigh*

Faeryn is away until tomorrow night, thank goodness, so maybe she won't get this. In the meantime, it is just me and the cats, who will hopefully come cuddle soon.

I feel really lousy.
thekyttn: (grumpy-caged)
Not only am I having to get up every couple of hours at night to take care of feminine issues (not that I'm sleeping all that soundly, but still annoying), but now my voice is playing games. It was fine an hour ago. I talked to a friend on the phone with no trouble. I took a shower and the mild sore throat I've had for the past couple of days turned into a full-blown cough that hurts. Now I'm having trouble talking; my voice is almost gone. How did that happen in an hour?

*sigh* Time for hot tea, cold meds, and silence. Guess I won't be yelling at the cats much today. Since I'm alone for the most part, there isn't anyone else to talk to unless I go shopping, which isn't really something I need to do.

Maybe tea and hot soup.


Rough day

Mar. 17th, 2008 02:08 pm
thekyttn: (Out)
I'm very glad I stayed home today. I was actually able to stay home from both jobs, which is turning out to be good, because while I thought my tummy was recovered for the most part, a cup of tea has proved otherwise.

My goodies from Pampered Chef arrived this weekend,(Thank you Tanya and Melissa!) and I had fun unpacking them. I did, unfortunately, manage to slice my thumb quite well with the vegetable peeler when I was unpacking it *sigh*, but Faeryn was able to wrap it well enough to stop the bleeding after about 15 minutes. It throbs off and on, but is mostly ok, and looks interesting. For those who haven't indulged in anything from Pampered Chef yet, let me encourage you to do so! Admittedly it isn't inexpensive stuff, but it is high quality and very nice. A great way to start is by getting some things from the outlet/clearance section. My sister-in-law has a number of the plates/entertaining dishes from PC and they are really lovely, good quality items!

Now it is time to lie down again, I think.


Mar. 17th, 2008 09:10 am
Woke up this morning (after not a lot of sleep, thanks to the cats) with very uncomfortable GI upset (cramping and nausea). I'm staying home from the city today, and if I'm not feeling a lot better in another couple of hours, will try and get someone to cover my shift at the Book Room as well. I have to call there anyway to get the owner's number so I can talk to him about the job opening. It isn't really an auspicious start to things to be taking off the same day I'm going to be talking to him about a promotion, but I can't be running to the loo every ten minutes while working, either.

I'm going to lie down again now, and hope that after a nap I can swallow some tea without feeling worse.

I really miss being spoiled when I feel like this, having someone who loves me watching over me to make sure I'm ok, knowing that there is someone to take care of me if I need help, but at least, I guess, I don't have to see the pain and helplessness in his eyes that he always felt when he couldn't make me feel better right away. Sometimes my being ill or in pain bothered him as much if not more than it bothered me. Not that anyone will be astonished to hear that.



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