There is no motivation for doing things in a place that I don't consider home, that I am not going to be living in for very long, and I detest feeling like I am in limbo.

My cats are loud poop machines. I have to clean the litter box twice a day. I have broken down and purchased a new littermaid automatic box, but I'm trying to hold out on setting it up until we are in a new house, or until we know how long we are going to be here. I'd rather move a clean box than a dirty one.

Snuggles is a very odd cat. he tries to get into places that are much to small for an 18 lb cat.

There was a crash in Faeryn's room earlier and both cats raced out. I haven't had the courage to go look and see what they did. I didn't hear any breaking glass.

Computer games are great ways to make the time pass by - I just wish they made me sleepy. I think I need to consider replacing my PS2 and DDR.

Emo has finally found a high place he can get to; the top of the stacked washer & dryer. He looks a little disconcerted when it is rumbling underneath him, but still stays up.

I give the cats exercise. When they have settled down to sleep, I get up and walk into the bathroom. They race after me. I go back to the bed, and after 10 minutes of prowling, they settle down again. Then I go to the kitchen, and they get in front of me (I have to be careful not to step on them). I go back to the bedroom, they spend 10 minutes prowling (and yowling) and then go back to sleep. Rinse, lather, repeat.

I don't do well with uncertainty. I can deal with the future much better when I have an idea of what is going to happen and when, or how long I am going to have to put up with something. I can cope with things much better when I know that there is an end in sight, even if it is a far-distant end. I wish God would tell me how many years I've got left. 2 or 200, just let me know so I can count down the days and work toward a goal.

I've got more and more decisions coming my way. The City wants me as a full-time employee. It would pay better than where I am now, and would have benefits. Unfortunately, I don't like the job particularly and I do love my book-store job, which I'd have to give up to be able to work the city job. Or, I could probably make it work with a little creativity, if I was willing to work 7 days a week. Which I am not. If they really like me, hopefully they'll take me for part-time and be content.

I had to fire someone this morning. It sucked. It sucked major rocks, in fact.

Tomorrow I see another house, and this weekend I start re-examining what is available, including foreclosures if I can find a good foreclosure site.

The cats are complaining that I'm not putting away the computer, so I guess I will and spend some time petting my boys.



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