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Feb. 6th, 2008 09:49 pm
thekyttn: (blank)
To everyone who has reached out to us since we lost Greg, thank you so very much. Thank you for the tea, towels, chocolate, stuffed animals, and other physical manifestations of love and comfort that have come in the mail. Thank you for the so very generous donations from so many people that have allowed me to no longer have to worry about my health insurance for the rest of the year (and possibly longer). Thank you for all the prayers, the loving thoughts, the incredible outpouring of support, and for the reminder of just how very much my husband is loved, and just how many people love us because of him.

Tonight is my first foray back online since the fire. I haven't yet read anything that people have posted about Greg, and will probably do so in small doses as it is all incredibly painful as well as comforting. It will take a long while for me to respond to all the entries, so please bear with me.

Greg's family, our family actually, have been absolutely incredible as has my daughter. Without them, I'd truly be lost. Scott has been amazing in pulling things together, finding needed passwords and accounts and generally keeping me from drowning in fear about the future. Carol came down and stayed with us a bit and between her and Faeryn, got me through some of the worst part. Faeryn has dealt with the fire inspector and the insurance company and Red Cross, and the ME and the funeral director, and oh so many things. Garrett has stepped in and started being more in touch, and retrieved (along with Faeryn) some of the very few items that survived the fire.

I'm taking things one day at a time, some days being worse than others. Medication to help me sleep has dealt with the worst of the nightmares, and we've borrowed a cat from my parents who comes demanding attention and love the moment I wake for any reason. She will eventually go back to my parents, and Scott and Carol are bringing us a foster kitty that has lived with them for several years. As disloyal as it sometimes feels to Max and Tyler, whom we lost in the fire, it is helpful to me to know I'm never completely alone at home. Snugs, the kitty who will be coming to us, knew and liked Greg, which also helps a bit.

Tomorrow is going to be another long day - I guess they all will be, for a long while. Thank you again for all the love and support. I'll try to check back in more regularly now. If anything important has happened in your lives, please please let me know. It will take forever for me to catch up on LJ, and thinking about what is going on for my friends will be good for me. Greg wouldn't want me to fall down on keeping up with all the important people in our lives!





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