Had made tentative plans to go to listen to some music with my son this evening, but lay down to nap/rest my aching head, and woke feeling to tired to do anything.


Fell asleep again before finishing this entry, so I guess staying home was a good idea. I've managed to move from livingroom to bedroom, switched a load of laundry from washer to dryer in between, and am now ready for sleep again. Must figure out what I'm taking to the DownTown Station to work on tomorrow evening. Only 4 hours there, but I'm told it will be likely to be quite quiet.

I've officially asked for June 19th off of work, and will be "banking" the extra hours I work tomorrow and Saturday toward that. I've got enough money from birthday money and jewelry sales that I can afford the Boston trip, if I can get remotely reasonable flights. I'm hoping to fly out Thursday night and return Sunday night. It is very unlikely that Faeryn will be coming with me, so I may be looking for a room-mate. I also may just take a room by myself and offer access to it to any of my local-to-Boston friends who will be attending the con but staying at home and who may need a break during the day (maybe a cat and wolf pair who would be more able to attend the con if there was a room available to let children nap during the day? It would only cost an extra hug or two, or maybe a song....).

Feeling odd tonight. Sad, but more resigned, though I feel like I'm walking on a very narrow bridge over a gaping pit, and that at any minute I'm going to fall in. I've been nicely distracted for the last 30 minutes by listening to Meeting at Corvalis on MP3 CD. I'm going to have to purchase the series; I can tell it is one I will listen to repeatedly. Must mail Dies the Fire and The Protector's War to Scott this weekend.

*sigh* bedtime. As long as tomorrow is going to be, at least I'll be around people for a good part of the day, and Saturday I get to spend some time at the bookstore and maybe give in and buy the new Charlaine Harris book if I have spare funds left after purchasing airline tickets.

Or, maybe just reading it in the car after my shift ends :)



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