Walked about a mile this evening with my friend, T, in spite of a raging headache. Had to borrow Faeryn's tennis shoes to do so, but tomorrow I'm going to the place where Greg got his shoes and asking them about walking shoes. They've been asking what they can do to help us, so I'm kind of hoping for a nice discount!My box of things to go to Boston keeps growing. I hope I get it sealed tomorrow so I avoid the temptation to put more in. The only sad part is I don't get to see faces when the box is opened *pout*. I don't think my niece is going to react much beyond the books included, but I think her Mom will get a kick out of the clothes, and I'd love to see her reaction. Actually, [livejournal.com profile] flabosib, if I can be on the phone with you while you go through the package, that would be super cool.

I've got a huge stack of cross-stitch books that I'm hoping to sell - I really really wanted a couple of patterns in the stack and had to buy the whole stack just to get a few, which is very frustrating. Now I just have to figure out how best to do so. They don't seem to sell well at all on eBay (as in no bids even on books marked at .25 plus actual shipping) and I'm hoping to get 25-50 cents per book for most of them. Any suggestions?

Balticon is coming up rapidly. I need to determine how much time, if any, I'm going to spend up there. I really want to see a few people, but past experience tells me I get easily overwhelmed by the massive numbers of people who attend this con. I may just drive up for 1 day, or just an evening. Is anyone reading this likely to be around on Friday evening and up for dinner?

It is time to do a little more laundry, repack my box (the current box is now too small) and see if I can coax the cats into sleep soon. Oh, and I have to let my landlords (my parents) know that the dishwasher is leaking very badly, as in pouring water onto the floor. Maybe that is one more thing I can use to get them to knock the price down a little (every little bit helps!).



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