Mar. 25th, 2010 11:23 pm
wishes very much she had bookmarked cadhla's entries about the Healy Mice. My daughter must be introduced.

In other news, today was day from hell. Slept badly with many dreams. Only good point of morning was a friend being unexpectly cheerful about gym time. I love her even if she is insane. Made it to work on time, barely, had to park farther out than usual, and walk farther in the only pair of black shoes I currently have, which hurt. 10:15, get a call about a complaint about a store employee. Talk to the employee (T). Talk to the boss and other manager. Find out a decision I made at bookstore was Wrong. Confess to boss that I am at fault, and get scolded. try unsuccessfully to get caught up at (city) work. Go to therapy. Come out to find out my sister(inlaw) is in ER. Go to bookstore to talk more with employee, and end up having to stay until almost close. Find out that sister is going to be admitted. Pass on news to Faeryn, then have small breakdown and fall apart at store, ending up being comforted by employee. Leave so she can finish closing, and call friend for support. talk to friend 5 minutes, who then has to go help son with homework. Dissolve another 10 minutes, then drive home. Try to get on track and call other manager to talk about work/interviews to be done over weekend. Find out other manager thought I was significantly older than I am (closer to 50), and that she thinks T is 30. T is actually a bit more than a year older than me. Call T to give her the compliment, conversation goes from cheery to sad again, and I make it off the phone before falling apart yet again. Migraine has started and is beyond excedrin control. Finally something good happens and I text back and forth with sister. Must figure out way to go see her. Can hardly read text on phone because of headache, but it seems like I'm keeping her company while she waits to go from ER to room, so at least I felt useful for a bit. Finally start to settle for bed, after drinking water in hopes of making head better, when cats discover stink bugs in house and set them off. Ick. Then cats meow and carry on for another 20 minutes.

My head is killing me (though it isn't as bad as C's so I need to shut up and not complain), but at least I ended the day by keeping C company for a bit. Tomorrow damned well better be a better day. Scheduled to work 12 hours at city, 4-5 of them at DTS. Will be making phone calls from there to arrange interviews for possible new store employee.

Hope your day was better!
It would be so nice, and so good for me, if I could take today off and spend a second day gathering strength for the week and getting tiny bits done at home, and recovering for pushing a little too hard yesterday. It isn't an option, really, I need the hours, I need to make my presence known in the store, and having been warned how bad yesterday was and how much there is to do today, it would be wrong of me to call someone in when I'm not really sick. I'm just tired and my back aches a bit, but really the only issue is that I don't want to spend the whole day at work again. I'd rather go to Lowes and pick up the digital thermostat I need (got the wrong one before), and spend the rest of the day catching up on laundry, reading, and napping, and resting up so that tomorrow morning I don't start the week by feeling wiped out by noon.

I'm going to be a responsible adult, though, and go get dressed, go shopping for office supplies, and go to work. At least I will be done by 6:30 or 7 and can do another early night.
One of my co-workers asked me to purchase an EEE PC for her from Woot during a Woot-off. She's not familiar with Linux, which it came loaded with, but all she wants it for is to be able to check email or do a little web-browsing when she is near hot-spots on her route (she's got a route with a couple of small layovers where she just sits, sometimes reads). It comes loaded with Firefox and basic software, and she asked me to set it up for her, which is what I just did - it took all of 5 minutes! I think she paid about $150 for it or so. It is a tiny little thing, probably 7 inches across and 6 deep, maybe 1.5 inches high when closed. The keyboard is a tight fit for my big fingers, but I can touch-type on it with very little difficulty. It is small enough to carry in a decent sized purse!

I don't know all it can do, and I am sure she won't be using all the features. She's being kind enough to let me borrow it to go to the con :) rather than taking my laptop. She had originally offered to pay me to "teach her how to use it", which is ridiculous as it seems to be very self-explanatory, but borrowing it for travel is a nice perk. The hard part is going to be not wanting to get one for myself!

I am noticing that the keyboard gets warm very quickly - or rather the place where my palms rest when I type (I know, I know, not supposed to rest palms on the keyboard when typing). It wouldn't work well for extended use, and I can't see to read the screen without my glasses, but it is a nice little machine that should be perfect for what she wants it for. I really wish I could coax Piet into getting one for the bookstore!

I guess now that I know the wireless capabilities work well, and so does Firefox, it is time to go explore some of the other features.

ETA: Too late! I've fallen in love! I wonder if Dorothy would take her money back instead of the computer.... *sigh* Glad there isn't one available on Woot right now. I'd be FAR too tempted.

For those interested, this is the one that Redith got:
Had made tentative plans to go to listen to some music with my son this evening, but lay down to nap/rest my aching head, and woke feeling to tired to do anything.


Fell asleep again before finishing this entry, so I guess staying home was a good idea. I've managed to move from livingroom to bedroom, switched a load of laundry from washer to dryer in between, and am now ready for sleep again. Must figure out what I'm taking to the DownTown Station to work on tomorrow evening. Only 4 hours there, but I'm told it will be likely to be quite quiet.

I've officially asked for June 19th off of work, and will be "banking" the extra hours I work tomorrow and Saturday toward that. I've got enough money from birthday money and jewelry sales that I can afford the Boston trip, if I can get remotely reasonable flights. I'm hoping to fly out Thursday night and return Sunday night. It is very unlikely that Faeryn will be coming with me, so I may be looking for a room-mate. I also may just take a room by myself and offer access to it to any of my local-to-Boston friends who will be attending the con but staying at home and who may need a break during the day (maybe a cat and wolf pair who would be more able to attend the con if there was a room available to let children nap during the day? It would only cost an extra hug or two, or maybe a song....).

Feeling odd tonight. Sad, but more resigned, though I feel like I'm walking on a very narrow bridge over a gaping pit, and that at any minute I'm going to fall in. I've been nicely distracted for the last 30 minutes by listening to Meeting at Corvalis on MP3 CD. I'm going to have to purchase the series; I can tell it is one I will listen to repeatedly. Must mail Dies the Fire and The Protector's War to Scott this weekend.

*sigh* bedtime. As long as tomorrow is going to be, at least I'll be around people for a good part of the day, and Saturday I get to spend some time at the bookstore and maybe give in and buy the new Charlaine Harris book if I have spare funds left after purchasing airline tickets.

Or, maybe just reading it in the car after my shift ends :)
Really long day at work, especially since I had to go in to open rather unexpectedly. Luckily I was already out and about and while not exactly dressed the way I like to dress for work, my body was covered. I worked 9:30-12:30, then 4-almost 8:30.

This got long... )
Tonight I am home alone with the cats as usual, not finding the energy to get anything done, and not really caring. This week I've done one load of laundry, run the dishwasher and put dishes away, taken out the trash, and cleaned the litter box a few times (and must go do that again as soon as I finish this post). That is actually more than I've done around the house in a few weeks, so I guess the Welbutrin is helping. I still really don't care or feel like I've got the energy to do anything. Work is easier because I've got someone to tell me what needs to be done, and to help me keep on track.

Evenings are hard. There isn't really anyone around here to hang out with; my only friends are married and busy at home in the evenings, and one is my boss, which makes socializing a little odd. I've thought about trying to join some kind of local group, but haven't found anything that interests me enough to keep me going back. The knitting/crocheting group would have been nice, but it meets on Wednesdays at 7pm and I have to work Wednesdays until 8. I could go to the gathering then go back to the store after 9 to get the work done, but realistically, that isn't likely to happen.

I don't know how to meet people or make friends. Greg was always the social one, the one who dragged me along to all sorts of gatherings where I ended up usually enjoying myself. I'd be tempted to go to the Karaoke bar where Faeryn hangs out, but she's made it rather clear that she'd rather I didn't. Not that a lot of the people who hang out there are likely to become close friends with me (most are smokers, I'm asthmatic, not a good mix). Her aunt is invited to the bar for her 21st birthday, but neither her Dad or I are welcome, not even for the beginning of the party. I understand that she might not want us to hang around for the entire thing, but dropping in for an hour at the beginning might have been nice. We're useful people to have around, we provide shelter, clothes, transportation, Steve's even making sure she gets her chance to go to Nashville, and I bought the airline tickets. I guess my parents probably felt this way about me at times too.

I'm tired and lonely and not looking forward to the weekend, and feeling depressed. Tomorrow is an 8 hour shift at the bookstore, Sunday is as well. I'm somewhat grateful tomorrow isn't a 10 shift for me. At least I'll be around friendly people for most of the day, and do some reading and maybe make some more odds and ends of beaded stuff to sell at the bookstore.

Time to take care of the litter box and go to bed. Another week is over, and I don't remember most of it, which is probably a good thing. Maybe tomorrow will be the start of a better one.
Almost a sleepless night - maybe got an hour or two of sleep at most. Then I turn on the TV this morning, in a vain home to find something to distract myself and put me to sleep, and I find out there are shootings on I64, not all that far away, and close to where several people I know live. It is far too early to call and check on anyone *sigh*. I took a shower, and I'm so very tired, but I'm supposed to be at work at 8am. My head is bad enough that I'm not sure I'm safe to drive, so I'll probably call in, though that isn't going to go over well at all. We're approaching full-blown migraine, though, with N/V and limited sight/blinding pain. I have no triptans left at home at the moment, and don't dare take Vicodin until I talk to someone at work, and can't call in until 7:30.

It is going to be a long day.



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