The cats actually allowed me to sleep in this morning (I think they were very grateful when I settled down onto the bed for more than an hour, actually). Snuggles did come to chew my hair at one point, but when I objected, he left to watch the birds again.

I really do have to get a camera, so I can show off my window feeder. I have a bird feeder in my bedroom window (which is essentially a second story window when looking at it from the back yard). It is one of the feeders that actually sits in the window-frame, rather like a window AC unit, and a small glassed in portion actually protrudes into the house. The glass is mirrored such that the birds can't see us, but we can see them (As I was typing this, a downy woodpecker came to the feeder!).

Snuggles and Emo love this feeder. They sit on top of it, or next to it on the cat tree, or watch avidly from the ground, and when they hear the scrabble of claws on the windowsill, they will race over to the window. I often get woken in the morning by a "chip" and scrabble as a bird comes to get seed, then a thunk as a cat launches himself at the feeder just after the bird has flown off.

This morning, I got woken by a loud rapid knocking sound, which startled me considerably. It was too loud and close to be the front door, and just not a sound that the cats could/would make.

A nuthatch was attacking himself in the mirrored glass of the feeder, and the cats really weren't sure what to make of it. The silly bird was pecking the glass inches from Emo's nose, and Emo was just trembling with the excitement of having the bird in his view for that long! He seemed a bit wary, though, of trying to attack the bird until that pointed beak was aimed in another direction.

A quiet house this isn't. However, I do have funny creatures.



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