Having a bum foot is a royal pain. There is no real reason why I can't work - my brain is working just fine (or as well as usual). Yet, at work I can't take the care of my foot that I need to to get it to heal faster (can't prop it as much, plus more walking than is nice). It is also frustrating that my foot hurts more now than last week. Like now that I KNOW what is wrong with it my brain is acknowledging the pain more (or is it just psychosomatic?). Really, a broken bone doesn't hurt much more than a bad sprain according to the MD. But since they manipulated and x-rayed and so on on Monday, the foot has been aching more. *grumble* I've increased NSAID use to every 4 hours, and that is helping some, but I am dreading work today, at least the 1st job. I do have to be at the bookstore today, but am just there to help the new girl, so will sit with my foot propped up and answer questions if needed, and pretend I'm not there.

Enough whining. Off to work!
Sometimes being female sucks.

Just saying.
Went to the gyn appointment today. TMI behind cut )
Warning: Long rambly whiny post (and possible TMI) beyond LJ-cut )


Sep. 18th, 2008 10:39 pm
To make things easy on myself, because my left eye is getting really tired and achy, here's the body of an email I sent most of my family to let them know what is going on right now:

Today I went to the doctor because I had a sudden onset yesterday afternoon of a droopy right eyelid. I had originally assumed it was related to the very bad headache I had yesterday and that it was just a new migraine symptom. However, overnight the headache faded, but the eye symptoms did not.

It turns out that I have Bells Palsy. The good news is that I've caught it pretty quickly and that recovery is aided/made much quicker when medication is started within the first 24-48 hours. Most people don't end up going to their MD that quickly, but anything that keeps me from reading easily makes me call :). I've been started on an 18 day Prednisone taper and 7 days of Acyclovir every 4 hours (including waking at night to take it *grumble*). My right eye doesn't like staying open, though it is possible to open it mostly, and I don't have a massive amount of facial droop, though some loss of tone on that side. My left eye is a bit tired and achey from having to compensate, so I'll be staying away from the computer and books outside of work for a few days to give it a break. I'd already planned to take time off this weekend from both jobs and to go to DC and wander around the Smithsonian where Greg and I spent our first "date", and I'll play that by ear. I still want to get away from Charlottesville, but I'm not sure how much driving I want to do because my blind spot has gotten a bit larger with just one working eye.

Just wanted to let you all know what is going on and to warn you that I'll probably not be around much online for a while. I'm also probably going to be mostly incommunicado on Monday - I want it to be just me and memories mostly, though I'll check in with Faeryn over the weekend and on Monday so that no one worries too much.

Now off to bed - I have to be at work early tomorrow because I'm taking off early to go to my new psychiatrist.



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