Hope House

Apr. 26th, 2008 12:21 am
Fannie Mae has decided that even though we had been given an counter offer to my last offer, and even though I accepted that offer and the contract was verbally ratified, they are selling the house to someone else.

To say I am upset is putting it mildly. I've tried to spend the evening doing things to distract myself, making a couple of pairs of earrings, reading, playing with the cats. House hunting on my own is dangerous because once I find a house and fall in love with it, I start making plans, and I no longer have someone with common sense to plan with who can keep reminding me that they are just air castles.

I guess we will start the process again soon. Hopefully next week I'll hear back from the financing company and have a better idea of what I can realistically afford. Maybe I'll even hear back from my parents about the Glitter House and what it would cost to stay here.

I need to send an informative email to a number of people, including my parents, letting them know that the offer fell through.

I wish I could turn myself off for an hour or two.

Hope House

Apr. 25th, 2008 11:01 am
There are problems with the Hope House contract - namely that we only had a verbal ratification and the bank is playing games and claiming we are still in a multiple offer state, so I don't know if I'm getting the contract or not.

This may or may not be a good thing. I love the house. I want a home. I'm scared of not being able to afford it. I've got a place to live through July, then I have to figure out something else. There may be no other affordable option right now other than going back to the townhouse, and quite honestly, I'd rather live in my car. The car, however, is a little small for me and 2 cats.

I wish more than anything that I had an adult here to lean on for help and advice. Family and friends are so far away, and I don't really feel like I can keep calling on them. But I really don't want to move away from Charlottesville. My choice seems to be staying in an area where I am comfortable and want to live, but am very alone, or going somewhere else and adding the stress of being in a place I'm not comfortable in order to not be alone. I haven't decided which is worse.

Life sucks.
I'm not coping this morning.

Cut because this got very very long. )

So tired

Apr. 15th, 2008 10:32 pm
It was a decent evening, though. Both my children left their tax stuff until the last minute, and since Faeryn was late being released, things got a little interesting. I brought her home and she gave me her W-2s, which I filed online. Garrett had questions about his, which I could have answered over the phone, but I was sneaky, and made him come over for me to look at things. It turned out to be a good idea anyway; he was going to file one 1040EZ for each W-2 he had. Poor boy's allergies were so bad today that he was completely out of it. I gave him Xyzal and helped him and Kathy with their taxes. We made peach smoothies (just frozen peaches blended with gingerale; which would have been better made with sprite or 7-up) and I sent them home with chicken noodle soup. They actually had to go home via the Post Office and got to see the tail end of the fire-works for the Dogwood Festival.

I tidied up the kitchen a very little, checked on the rabbit and fed the cats. I tied a feather to the ribbon from a helium balloon I got for my birthday, and they've had fun playing with that off and on.

I don't remember if I posted (and am too tired to go look), but the bank did not accept my first offer on Hope House. I'm investigating some possibilities for financing, and I've been told about another less expensive house that is available for sale by owner, but it is in an area that is another 15 minutes away from town, and right now I don't really want to consider that area. It sounds like a very nice house (Garrett has been in it before, he knows the people who live there), complete with a jacuzzi tub (which is rather tempting, I'm so tired of small tubs!) but I don't think the trade-off of price for location is worth it to me. Besides, I've rather fallen in love with Hope House, and I'd like to see if it is financially possible for me to get it. Tomorrow I'll hear from the mortgage company, then will sit and run the numbers. Using one of the many mortgage calculators, it looks like the loan I want will run me less than $200/month for a 30 year loan, closer to $300 if I make it a 15 year loan. I'm calculating this at 7% interest, though the one mortgage company I have been talking to is quoting 5.51%. Even with my current schedule, which is not a full-time schedule even between both jobs, my weekly paycheck from the higher-paying job is usually over $175, and I can work (and will be working) significantly more hours at that job in the next couple of months. It looks feasible without having to tighten my belt too much. We won't get cable TV, and we'll have to shop around for the least expensive internet options (other than dial-up; I'm so not ready to go there), and I'll cut down on my yard sales to save on gas money. Faeryn and I can probably carpool into Charlottesville on some days, and we've talked about keeping one car in town at one of a number of places so we can ride in together, and ride back together, but both do different things in town during the day as needed. The logistics of that need some fine tuning, but it is something to think about.

I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open and writing coherent sentences without having to edit them repeatedly, so it is time for bed. The kitties have both settled down for a nap too, so I will attempt to sleep while they are quiet.




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